I think of myself as a creative, a copywriter and a bit of a specialised thinker of things. I first cut my teeth in the ad industry working at a place that created integrated campaigns before they were a thing. Alongside, activation stunts, funny web videos, and low-budget direct mail (you’ve got to start somewhere!).

I quite liked the unconventional nature of that place.

Now, almost 15 years later, I’ve built my career working for some of the country’s biggest advertising agencies and have landed back at a place that likes to think differently. Ideas that get people talking. That rally the nation. The world. Even those with short attention spans.

I quite like the unconventional nature of this place.

Along the way, I’ve helped create a mixed bag of stuff... Provocative beer ads, fun-loving Weetbix commercials, national responses to a Marmite shortage and New Zealand being left off maps. A quick-turnaround election campaign which saw Jacinda become our Prime Minister. A non-Hollywood, Hollywood sign for Wellington. A live virus sent through the mail to sell IT software. The world’s first unofficial Bacon Rehab centre. And closing a bank for good!

Recognition for my work has also a been a bit of a mixed bag, including a bunch of local and international awards, a shout out from @TheFatJewish and a published complaint from Bev in Napier (my hometown), who didn’t find my billboard about peeing in a wetsuit that funny. As a surfer, I wholeheartedly disagree. 
I am currently Creative Director at Augusto, New Zealand.
If you want to chat about stuff, gimme a bell on 021 270 1422 or email me at