You could say I’m a Copywriter and a Creative, but to be more specific, I’m a specialised thinker of things. That’s because while I’ve spent almost 20 years coming up with ad campaigns at some of NZ’s biggest ad agencies, the best ideas are the ones that become more than just an ad, they become a thing – that get talked about on the news, squabbled about on social and are something people actually remember.  

Like attempting to get a cockatoo to speak more te reo māori than the average Kiwi... igniting a global conspiracy to get New Zealand back on the map, with the help of our Prime Minister and Rhys Darby... launching the world’s first unofficial bacon rehab centre... sending a virus through the mail... and closing a bank for good. 

These things have all lead to some pretty impressive results too, delivering efftective results for the clients as well as plenty of creative accolades at a number of national and international awards shows, incuding Cannes Lions, Webby’s, Axis Awards, Effies and all the usual shows.

However, there has been the odd complaint too, so I should take this opportunity to apologise to “Bev from Napier” who didn’t find the billboard about peeing in a wetsuit too funny. Soz.

I am currently freelancing, so if you want to chat things, gimme a bell on 021 270 1422 or email me at